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Located in Danbury Connecticut, my studio is a versatile location for any photo shoot.


I offer a wide range of photography services, from in-studio portraits to commercial photography.  I look forward to working with you to capture your most memorable events as well.


PeterMandzukPhotography has a large collection of backdrops and accessories to use during sessions.  I will work with you beforehand to plan the shoot, not only advising you on what type of background to use, but also incorporating your own ideas.




PeterMandzukPhotography understands the importance of putting you at ease before your photo shoot. Your comfort is essential to me, because it shows in your photographs.


Advanced technology


PeterMandzukPhotography utilizes state-of-the-art photography and processing equipment.  From simple re-touching to intricate post production adjustments, I can guarantee you'll look your best in my photos.  My processing and printing equipment will provide fast, quality prints from wallet to wall size.


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